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HYPNOXY is a chatting platform. A decentralized platform on the blockchain that aims to protect the interests of its users through the imp...

HYPNOXYS- An incentived and security focused chatting app

HYPNOXY is a chatting platform. A decentralized platform on the blockchain that aims to protect the interests of its users through the implementation of a decentralized blockchain system that'd put the powers in the hands of it users. Ordinarily, each community is based on its peoples, this is the basic idea of the platform.

This means that HYPNOXY will also be rewarding its platform users and members as they put in the work to help grow the platform. Say you do the regular things you'd do on any social media platform, posts, bants, comments, view ads, etc and be rewarded for all that. That's got be cool, really really cool, right?

Through its decentralized nature, the platform makes it possible for users to stay anonymous even as they are chatting and having fun. This way, there's a high level of the security of individuals data. Making it a safe and seamless experience for users.

Users of the platform will get important features like the option of anonymously engaging is group chats, video calls, audios, etc. Users can choose if they want to see any adverts at all or not. However, users who pick to see adverts will be rewarded through the adverts revenues sharing system. Only for users who opted to view adverts.

Hypnoxys features are formed around the global demand for such services. It is important for people that their lives were safe, so modern man approaches the choice of communication very carefully and with all caution. Therefore, the founding team has conducted more than one study within the framework of social needs and the search for mandatory characteristics for certain applications. For many, a very important aspect after safety is live communication available at a distance. Also the possibility to send the different nature of audio and video files and many other things.

Moreover, Hypnoxys is ready to offer a lot of additional tools that also allow you to conduct both individual and group chats, where everyone can Express their personal opinion is absolutely safe. Thus in Hypnoxys will be available for internal transfers of cryptocurrency HYPX, with which you can easily enhance their income and other promotions related to social action within the network. In fact, you'll get some income for the amount of time you spend in the framework of this application, and you will have a chance to increase it by performing other actions available in the ads section.

Thus Hypnoxys offers its users advanced tools for social communication with their friends and family. Moreover, this application will be relevant for corporate members of society, where it is very important to maintain a fast, transparent and secure communication with each other. At the same time use a powerful encryption algorithm when communicating with each other. This application has a reliable decentralized security system that protects the data of all users from any fraudulent interventions and other hacker attacks.

To maintain the same balance within the system contributes to the developed smart contract. This naturally affects all operational activities, allowing you to carry out any transactions quickly and with minimal costs.

Tokenomics and ICO details
The official token of the Hypnoxys platform has a ticker “HYPX" and it is of ERC-20 standard. The total supply of HYPX tokens stands at 42.5 billion but the circulating supply will be about 26 billion due to private investors token being locked. The HYPX has a unit price of $0.0002 and exchange listing can be expected by 11th of March.

Start => Feb 13, 2019 (12:00PM GMT)
Tokens for sale => 31,875,000,000.00 HYPX (75%)
HYPX exchange rate
1 ETH => 1,555,050.00 HYPX
1 BTC => 50,000,000.00 HYPX
Accepted cryptocurrencies => ETH, BTC
Minimum contribution => 1 ETH/ 0.05 BTC

With all these features mentioned above I believed you would agree with me that HYPNOXYS app will be the best chatting app in existence. HYPNOXYS is working toward implementing FIAT payment system on the app in the nearest future in which users will be able to pay with their local currency irrespective of their locations

HYPNOXYS team are well experienced in crypto-currency and majority of the team are expert in blockchain technology and social media industries which means HYPNOXYS project is in the best hands to handle it.


For more Information :

Official Website: https://www.hypnoxys.com
Telegram: https://t.me/hypnoxys
Whitepaper: https://hypnoxys.com/docs/HYPX-whitepaper-0.8.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5112908
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hypnoxys
Android App: https://hypnoxys.com/apps/android/hypx_0.6.2.apk

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