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About the project The project that caught my attention is called The Suite. The main goal of the project is to use all existing loyalty p...

THE SUITE The new generation of Loyalty Program based on blockchain

About the project
The project that caught my attention is called The Suite. The main goal of the project is to use all existing loyalty programs for customers in one place, that is, within one decentralized network. Where each user will be able not only to accumulate points, but also to spend them on any direction he likes. Everything works quite simply to understand the process, I recommend you to watch this video.

Design feature
We see that The Suite is both an accessible mobile application and a web resource with which the user is able to receive, view, store and accumulate their loyalty points. This project seeks to simplify the entire existing environment of the relationship between the entrepreneur and his client, providing them with a transparent platform with all its functions, as well as a stable token due to which all charges under the loyalty program will occur.

Moreover, to further maintain and strengthen the platform itself, The Suite developers intend to reward their investors for owning their tokens by organizing monthly airdrops. In addition to all this, the developers intend to distribute a number of their coins between the shops connected to the Suite network and companies on a monthly basis. What to do this regularly and free of charge. What I think is very interesting and unusual.

The concept of rewarding stores, branches and other enterprises for their loyal system of services, which are able not only to meet the demand of their customers, but also to open up additional opportunities for them, also intends to complement the whole range of services. This can include anything from gift certificates to medical and insurance services, Parking fees and many other things useful for our daily lives.

If we talk about the benefits of The Suite, they are quite a lot. First, this platform will open access to such innovative services that were previously unavailable in the market of traditional loyalty programs. Secondly, the simplicity and ease of use of the application itself will contribute to the development and further adoption of cryptocurrencies themselves as payment for certain services. Third, anyone who wants a project that is developed on the blockchain will be able to join The Suite to provide its services to the user and reward him with additional points of the client. And, fourth, The Suite due to its hybrid system, which is able not only to combine the two tokens STK and SCT, but also to ensure their stability on the exchange, as well as to investors and other crypto users.

Thus, we see that The Suite is able to provide a reliable and cost-effective infrastructure for both its commercial customers and their users.

The Suite ICO Details

As you have effectively seen, two tokens will be introduced on the platform: STK (this is the official coin of the venture, with the assistance of which every conceivable change and trades of different cryptographic forms of money will happen on STK and back). Furthermore, the second token SCT (with which the client will probably make fractional or full installment for a Bank credit, reclamation or some other Bank exchange, indicating their subtleties and record. Likewise it is anything but difficult to incorporate the procurement of any coupons from various online stores, and numerous different things). This you will almost certainly examine in more detail in The white paper of the venture, so I don't see the guide now toward give careful consideration to this.

With respect to alternate insights about the tokens, the originators by and by put the underlying interest in the advancement of the idea. Since the project has achieved the second phase of advancement, the engineers expect to raise the vital assets for the further improvement and dispatch of the Suite framework through open deals. To do this, they are prepared to apportion 1 billion coins STK.

Altogether, there will be three phases of offers, every one of which will be joined by its own terms of support and markdown framework accessible in a particular timeframe.

Token info
Token - STK
Type Security - STO
PreICO Price - 1 STK = 0.18 USD
Price - 1 STK = 0.24 USD
Platform - Ethereum
Accepting - ETH
Soft cap - 600,000 USD
Hard cap - 12,000,000 USD
Country - Italy
Whitelist/KYC - KYC
Restricted areas - NONE

More Information :

Author : $crypto$
Wallet : 0xC6F915eDAf2656742D8E692FB45E88734B3dbbbb

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