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We are thankful for the emergence of Blockchain Technology which has played a major role in the improvement of Global finance and other se...

BCNEX - Make your crypto trade easy

We are thankful for the emergence of Blockchain Technology which has played a major role in the improvement of Global finance and other sectors of life.There are lots of shortcoming in the conventional Global financial system which Blockchain technology is trying to correct.In almost a decade now , so many Blockchain Project has been innovated basically to improve the welfare of people and correcting some loopholes surrounding the existing centralized financial system. It is a popular say that Rome wasn’t built in a day .Ever since the invention of Bitcoin , lots of project has emerged in which some was a Huge Success while some failed. Today, i will like to discuss about a Blockchain Project named BCNEX .It is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform for Global trading and they have developed a working Hybrid Crptocurrency Platform which aims to correct the loopholes in the existing Cryptocurrency Exchanges. I will discuss extensively the features of this amazing Platform and the benefits attached to investing and trading in BCNEX Cryptocurrency Exchange.As mentioned earlier, BCNEX is a powerful Hybrid Cryptocurrency exchange designed for mass Trading .Users can purchase and trade various types of digital assets in this exchange in a very secured, conducive and transparent ecosystem.1 million Dollars was raised during the Angel funding of this Platform and virtually now the Platform is fully operational. Trading competition has been taking place in the Platform and the users who participated in the Contest made a positive testimony about their great trading experience in the Platform .BCNEX is a Vietnam based Cryptocurency exchange,the Team of this great project are all Vietnamese as well. The BCNEX Network has enabled Multilingual feature to make it a Global Cryptocurrency Exchange that is not limited to their Country . The feature will enable everyone all over the World to access the Platform.

Bcnex is a new trading platform. This platform offers complete services for purchasing, exchanging, and trading of blockchain-based tokens and a variety of digital assets. This platform has fast, accurate, and low latency trading with flexible scalability that can handle up to 2,000,000 orders per second. Bcnex launches its own utility token called ‘BCNX Tokens’ which is published on the blockchain Ethereum uses a Smart Contract. Bcnex has supplied 200 Million BCNX tokens and offered the public a total of 100 Million BCNX tokens representing 50% of the total volume of issuance of 200 Million at the price of tokens from = $ 0.15 to $ 0.45. Sales of tokens are mainly used for platform upgrades and further to offer additional blockchain solutions.

Bcnex is a new exchange platform for buying, selling and trading of fiats, cryptocurrency tokens and digital assets. Bcnex is founded in Vietnam and supported by a professional team who have been well adapt to the world of cryptocurrency for years, therefore the team ensures the platform offers the best services to it's customers.

The Bcnex ecosystem is built with top grade features and unique storage model created via the integration of cold wallet and hot wallet including highly safe hardware which are similarly utilized by banks, developed countries government etc. These features ensures the Bcnex platform meets up and effectively satisfy the customers requirements and services without delay or issues.

BCNEX Beneficial Features

High Liquidity : The team involved with Bcnex ecosystem has vast professional experience in handling client service support, customized liquidity management, including worked in collaboration and operated numerous exchange platforms for business partners thereby expanding their reach in amassing worldwide partners. This approach helps the team in developing Bcnex ecosystem to have sufficient liquidity for efficient trading processing.

Advanced Customer Support Services : Bcnex desires to give out a stable and secured exchange platform for any trader, because the core of a stable and well developed exchange platform depends on how efficient their customer support service functions. The platform is designed with identification authentication services, speedy time customer response etc. to ensure the users have a friendly experience while engaging in any activity within the platform.

Quality Security : Bcnex is created with superb security features which prevents suspicious and unauthorized access to the platform. The platform security consist of 2FA authentication, Google and Sms authentication which adds a solidified layer of protection to the user assets including the KYC ( Know Your Customer) protocol to enable transactions accessibility by an user before operations. This security measures makes sure that every digital assets owned by traders within the platform are secured and protected effectively.

Exquisite Structure: Bcnex structure is consisted of unique Microsoft services that is been utilized by thousands of bots that places hundreds of order per second. The team which is quite experienced in handling top financial ecosystems has made sure in designing the Bcnex platform to be fast in processing various internal operations, efficient security, reliable and effective transparency.

BCNEX Exchange
Fajar is finally here through the BCNEX platform, this is a full service ecosystem for purchasing, exchanging, and trading of blockchain-based tokens and a variety of digital assets. Bcnex is a highly secure and stable customer-centered trading platform built on a micro service architecture that meets the most stringent customer requirements. Compared to other platforms, Bcnex is a form of fast, accurate, and low latency trading plates with flexible scalability that can handle up to 2,000,000 orders per second.

The Bcnex platform will offer a user interface that will be able to meet the trading needs of various categories of traders who will be on the platform. A simple user interface that will meet the needs of new users, with simple functions such as purchases, sales, deposits, and withdrawals. Blockchain is the basic technology of Bcnex to create best practices from the development of high-performance web applications and experienced developers from the financial sector. Each API function is tested for loads for speed and reliability, and the platform is deployed with automatic scaling technology. Sealin, the Bcnex Order Matching System (BCOMS) is a component that matches the buy and sell bourse orders. This is the most important component of Bcnex and is built with high precision. All buy or sell orders are stored in high-performance queues and systems are designed to ensure data integrity without losing orders. BCOMS has low latency and flexible scalability, making it capable of handling up to 2,000,000 trade orders per second.

BCNEX Security
Bcnex implements system security in several layers, including (but not limited to): strong firewalls, anti-DoS tools, and many user warnings. If abnormal activity is detected, Bcnex blocks the account for a certain period of time and warns the account owner. Using Google/SMS, 2FA Authentication is required when the user takes any action related to security and draws on the platform as an additional step of security. In addition to the KYC process (Get to Know Your Customers) before trying to perform transactions-related behavior. we will make efforts to ensure the security of all crypto asset users, which aims to achieve banking industry level audits and security compliance.

Bcnex is a new platform, but has great quality to compete with other platforms. Bcnex utilizes the power of today's digital exchanges and offers the first of its kind solutions to digital financial security. Investors who are worried about leaving their funds on the exchange will stop worrying because the Bcnex platform will ensure they will never need to do so. The interface is another big win because it will encourage inclusion from various categories of investors.


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