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blockchain technology will make the establishing and decentralized of the platform very well and then the ecosystem on the platfom very we...

Storichain Platform The Solution of Story Industry With Best Decentralized

blockchain technology will make the establishing and decentralized of the platform very well and then the ecosystem on the platfom very well integrated , and then the good services on industry story it must to comfortable so that will make all user as well , and then Industry story giving more benefits for all user and  then on there we can sharing and then learning more experience story likes weebtoons , and then novels , and musicals , movies etc, so that will make all new user learn and getting more experience .

we are happy for now we can see the solution for better in Story Industry lets present Storichain platform guys .

Storichain is the way solution , for growing the story and then on there we can monetize so intersted guys , and then we can get more experience for more story on the platform and on Storichain , with Storichain make as well on communications for all writer and Storichain have a good implementation of tech and then performance of the platform is very well.

We know guys Storichain have a good performance and optimized and then on tehre quality of the optimized creator as well and then easy for use the platform and then as well for operating the platform , and the platform have a great support patnership for find more jobs and aggrements system , so that will make all user comfortable on the platform .

and then we know Storychain is transparancy platform and we can find the circulation of the ecosystem and controling all the interaction as well , Storichain is the best platform global because we can easy for translated .

Storichain is a project that provides partially decentralized dApp applications and general protocols to solve story industry problems using blockchain characteristics. The “story industry” refers to industries that use “stories” as the source of their products and cover fields such as film, drama, web novels, web drama, drama, musicals and radio shows.Storichain can be seen as a digital historical asset management system that allows people to make online transactions even with unreliable people by entering into “agreements to prevent theft of ideas”. Another problem in industry is the problem of profit sharing. For example, the webtoon industry, which is one of the largest plot-based industries in Korea, has exceeded $ 700 million in market size, but there are still many who doubt the structure of profit sharing in the industry, as well as in many materials. Content creators still have difficulty getting enough compensation for their work.Storichain began by placing the base value of tokens on story creation, which ultimately wanted to reduce the cost of trust among participants in the story industry – writers, production companies, and readers. In this way, Storichain will make the process of creating derivative works from source material more transparent, decide the injustices that exist in the industry and create new values.The Storichain Project aims to explore and develop “stories” as a type of intellectual property. The story industry can be defined as an industry that includes the work of making stories and actions that use stories created for different purposes. In 2014, Story Stories identified industries that created added value through products and companies based on research, discovery, planning, development, creation, dissemination and transmission of stories that were seen as sources of imagination and creativity.Storichain does not store original textual history data on the blockchain. This is due to the fact that Storichain takes into account the contributions made at the stage of manufacture and transaction, and transfers the ownership of history more than text / graph data from the story itself. In fact, nothing can prevent someone from distributing text content, because all he has to do is take a picture of his monitor and distribute it to where he wants it. So, instead of just preventing such actions, Storichain considers it more important to prove the value of the author’s efforts, systematically measuring who contributed to history, when and how they contributed, how ownership was transferred, and how much each Creator contributed to history in the event collaboration.

Why Storychain?
Storychain was brought to life by renowned professors and film creators. In particular, the development of the project by people who understand this industry will facilitate the progress of the project and the generation of new ideas.
The project aims to bring together people who are engaged in different works such as drama, theater writer and screenwriter. They will easily survive within an ecosystem at the same time. Creating a lucrative system for everyone, the Storychain team has created an idea that can benefit readers as well as authors. With this idea, the advertising agencies are eliminated and one's own advertising is provided.
In other systems, readers were only those who read but did not engage in any activity. In Storychain, users can support their favorite articles by pressing the reaction key. In this way, the work of more successful authors can be rewarded and reach more users.
Token Allocation & Distribution

Storichain utility token is named as TORI. All on chain transactions/funding will be done using TORI. It is an Ethereum ERC-20 token. It has high utility and value within the ecosystem and can be used for various services and can allow owners to buy digital items and voting right within the network. This token can be bought from a listed exchange and can be utilized in the Storichain dApp.

Coin Statistics are as follow
Initial Supply: 4,000,000,000 TORI (4 billion token issued initially)
1 TORI = around 0.0034~0.0035USD

Initial Sale 15% 600,000,000
Sale B 10% 420,000,000
Sale C 9% 360,000,000
Storichain aims to implement smart contracts inorder to code the terms of the contract between the content creator and the distributor and to review whether the terms have been fulfilled or not. In conclusion, Storichain is a story creation and consumption platform that is based on blockchain and is a collection of protocols for the contracts. This idea needs alot of input before it can actually be implemented.

More Information :

Website: https://storichain.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/storichain_en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/storichain
Medium: https://medium.com/storichain
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/storichain
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1s902dyb4msuSu4dcg-9tlqE8vVcxC2Kb
Indonesia : https://steemit.com/blockchain/@stooner/storichain-platform-solusi-industri-cerita-dengan-desentralisasi-terbaik

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