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USDQ StableCoin The 1st element of the ecosystem is the exchanges. USDQ bargains on the secondary market at the price of 1 dollar for 1 ...

USDQ - Stable Coins Supported By Blockchain Ethereum

USDQ StableCoin

The 1st element of the ecosystem is the exchanges. USDQ bargains on the secondary market at the price of 1 dollar for 1 USDQ, respectively traders interact with this coin, as well as with any other. To buy USDQ at the exchange is the first way by means of which it is possible to get stablecoin. https://usdq.platinum.fund/whitepaper

What is special USDQ ?

The special, which contains a number of significant components of the ecosystem, is considered to be the acquisition of credit in stablecoin USDQ through crypto mortgage ownership. The Deposit amount for the purpose of issued stablecoin is D %, at which point D is the final amount determined by Q Box, which is considered a self-learning neural network and is approved by the management token holders. This way, someone comes the loan leads to ensure the sustainability of the token USDQ.

Accordingly, if the latest crypto assets enter the ecosystem, the generated smart contract publishes the latest USDQ and sends them to the borrower. If the lender seeks to take out a guarantee and repay the loan, someone proceeds with a refund operation in the website, the presence of this paying a specific profitable rate due to the application of the stablecoin loan. After USDQ return together with the payment of a fee for the use of plastic money, scriptactive de zasovyvayut and return to the location of the wallet of the borrower, and tokens USDQ burned.

Credit in usdq tokens is allocated in a short period. If the loan continues, in this case, you should bring the Commission to the management of q DAO tokens. If the loan does not return in a timely manner, in this case, the guarantee in the cryptocurrency is transferred to the inviolable stabilization asset. In case of liquidation of the assets of the crypto stabilization Fund, the main ones will be implemented.

How the system works
1.Trade on exchanges
Trade USDQ on the secondary market as any other stable coin.

2.Get a collateralized debt position
Collateralize your crypto and easily get USDQ stable coins. After trading is complete, simply return the USDQ in exchange for your crypto of choice.

3.Discover the Q BOX
Mine Q DAO tokens, raise your own AI based robot, which will help you to make predictions.

The philosophy of USDQ is to create a truly decentralized stable asset.

Decentralized. All decisions are made by the DAO community.
The Q DAO community provides full democracy with NO centralized control. You can change anything you see fit if the community supports your initiative. You have the right to vote. Everything and anything is decided solely by the community for autonomous decentralized decision making.

Collateralized by crypto. No more mythical deposits on private bank accounts.
Transparency in its plain meaning. You can track all the transactions in real time and know for sure that a particular stable is backed by a particular crypto asset.

Self-stabilizing. Always stable. The environment doesn't matter.
According to the nature of decentralized stable coin, it can’t fall or take off with big fluctuations. Self-stabilizing algorithms and market itself will always keep the price stable.

Target Price
The Target Price for USDQ means the price, used to determine the value of the Collateral Assets, repayable to USDQ holders upon an Emergency Shutdown. USDQ features a soft peg to USD, meaning that a 1:1 peg is maintained most of time but some deviations might occur on occasion. The Target Price for 1 USDQ is 1 USD.

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